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Crypto, What To Know Before You Invest

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

There is much talk about cryptocurrency these days as it is trending and gaining lots of attention. Large corporate companies are slowly becoming "sold" on the benefits of crypto and are buying and/or integrating cryptocurrency in their business strategy as a hedge against inflation or new revenue stream to capitalize on. These companies include Tesla, Square, Paypal among a host of other companies slowly accepting the digital currency.

As more institutional investors are moving into the space, and more retail investors are moving to acceptance of the currency. To minimize portfolio risk, ensure you set it below 15% of your portfolio as you slowly learn more about the asset classes you purchase.

The crypto-currency world is exciting, confusing to some, and very complex. Each "coin" has a white paper and most have websites you can visit to learn more about this asset class.

Crypto Currency Benefits
  • Explosive Growth

  • Low Government Regulation

  • Peer-To-Peer Digital Currency

Crypto Currency Drawbacks
  • Extremely Volatile

  • Extremely Risky

Watch Below for More Information on a strategy to get comfortable with adding this asset class to your portfolio.

The largest most popular "coins" are:

One popular "coin" that has no value and that was created as a joke is the infamous, Doge coin with the famous Shinu Ibu dog as it's logo. This coin has generated much buzz since Elon Musk has had it trending on Twitter, it's of course on the Redditt blogs, and even Mark Cuban is accepting the coin for admission to NBA games.

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