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What is Forex?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Forex or the Foreign Exchange is the largest trading market. Forex is based on currency prices and movement. Currencies are traded in pairs such as United States Dollar to the Japanese Yen, and will be reflected like USD/JPY.

5 Things To Know Before Trading Forex

All Brokers Are Not Equal
  • Top Brokers are: TradersWay, LQDFX, FXTM

  • Watch for trade minimums, and minimum deposits

Trading Strategy
  • The best strategies are simple strategies

  • Overtrading is a recipe for failure

  • 95% of forex traders lose their investments in the first 6 months

  • Successful traders compound small gains

  • Banks control the foreign exchange market

  • The highest profits are in the majors

  • Half of the global forex market is traded in two countries

  • Discipline is a trader’s most important attribute

Check Out Our Course Guide

For more detailed information, popular pairs, chart patterns and setups view our

Forex Basics Course 1
Download PPTX • 26.26MB

Additional FOREX Trading Guide Resources
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Download PDF • 674KB
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We hope this has helped provide a great Introduction to the Forex Markets!

Happy Trading!!

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