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Only 33.5%

Only 33.5% of Black households owned stocks in 2019, according to data released recently by the Federal Reserve.


Among white households, the ownership rate is nearly 61%.


Hispanic and other minority households also are less likely than white families to own stock.

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About Us

Biddles Investment Group (BIG) serves to assist individuals and companies experience financial wellness. BIG is composed of 3 divisions; private investing, research, and education.


As a financial literacy advocate, BIG is dedicated to contributing to a more financially equitable and resilient world.


BIG is dedicated to transforming the delivery of financial wellness through innovative finance & investing education, real world application of methodologies, finance & investment research, and community collaborations. 

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Our mission is to empower people to reach Income Independence. 


Personal Finance, Investing, & Corporate Finance



Market Securities & Investment Strategies


Finance, Investing, & Treasury Management Strategies . 

Asset management 

Administrator & Portfolio Manager

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Community Impact

Improving Americans financial knowledge, single income dependency, and confidence in the areas of saving, spending, and investing.

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In Our Onging Committement To The Community & Social Impact


Course Topics Include:

Creating a Budget

Stacking Savings

Building Credit

Paying Off Debt



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Financial Wellness Path

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Achieve Healthy Finances

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Invest To Grow Your Money

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Diversify Income Streams

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