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Welcome! Generational Wealth Plan

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Congratulations On Investing In You!

You've made the choice to invest in You!

Biddles Investment Group is offers education, coaching, and consulting services to individuals and entrepreneurs trying to reach financial wellness. We are committed to helping you hit the following milestones in your life, to setup the lifestyle you desire.

  1. Achieve Healthy Finances

  2. Invest to Grow Your Money

  3. Explore Your Passions to Gain Additional Income Streams

  4. Diversify Your Income Streams

  5. Protect Your Assets

Imagine a table (Table1), supported with one leg. Now imagine a table (Table 2) supported by 4 legs. If we take away the legs of Table 1, because there is only one leg the table collapses. This is how many Americans are living, dependent upon a single income with no additional streams. If that one leg (single income) is threatened, panic, worry, and stress will occur because no income is coming in, but bills and rent is still due.

Now imagine if you are Table 2, with 4 legs which we will imagine are income streams. If one of those legs on table 2 breaks, it may be wobble a bit but it is still standing and the leg would simply need to be worked on to fix the table back to it's sturdy stable state. This is called 'Income Independence.' The more 'legs' you have or multiple sources of income you have the better. This will ensure you are able to take advantage of tax benefits, live less stressed, and pass on generational wealth.

It is our mission to provide education to assist individuals and entrepreneurs with the information, research, guidance, and education required to create financial security and stability. We are dedicated to seeing each of our clients and members reach income independence.

This guide will continuously expand to be simple, yet comprehensive for an easy resource for you to use and share with individuals in your circle you want to pull out of the rat race and into income independence.

Financial Security & Stability

The information in this guide will assist you in:

  • Defining Your Lifestyle Vision

  • Budgeting to fit Your Desired Vision

  • Establishing Emergency Savings

  • Paying Down Debt

  • Building Your Credit Score

  • Using Life Insurance for Protection & as a Bank

  • Leveraging Debt Positively


The information in this guide will assist you in:

  • How To Choose a Brokerage and Start Investing

  • How to Pick Top Stocks

  • Learning and Executing Stock Options

  • Understanding and Trading in Forex Markets

  • Understanding and Trading in Crypto Markets

Creating Multiple Sources of Income

The information in this guide will assist you in:

  • Are You Ready?

    • What's your vision and desired lifestyle?

    • What do people tell you, you are good at?

    • What are the talents and gifts you naturally possess?

    • What are you passionate about?

  • Steps to Start a Business

  • Real Estate Investing

  • Research on Various Business Investments

  • Entrepreneur Tools & Resources

  • Small Business Tools & Resources

Protect Your Assets

The information in this guide will assist you in:

  • Wills

  • Estate Planning

  • Trusts

  • Life Insurance

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