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Client Stock Trade Recommendations

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Client Swing Trading Account

Nov 1, 2019

(2 Month Return)

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Trade Summary

Bought @ 30.65 | Sold  @ 36.03 

This stock has run up to $41.00 as of 11/20/19

Trade Order Education Summary

We should have stayed in but one of our rules is not to be greedy!  We placed a sell order at a specific price.  We  could have placed a trailing dollar or percentage order which would have been better to lock in more gains.

Client Roth IRA Account

Nov 1, 2019

(Annual Return)

Return 2.PNG

Our Best 2018 Swing Trade Recommendation

1 month 28% Return

Buy @ $11.69 | Sold @ $15


**Note: This stock went all the way to $22 an almost 100% Return, but I was going on vacation and didn't want to leave an open position


Money Management

Through our expert analysis using various investing methodologies we are able to achieve returns better than the stock market on average.  Stock market trading is risky and there is potential for loss.  However we use our algorithms and investment experience to get you the best returns possible. 

Investment Portfolio Check-Up

We will assess your portfolio mix and your desired goals.  After this assessment we will recommend a mix of assets for income (moderate), growth (aggressive), stability (conservative), etc